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NRA Endorses Jeff Flake for Senate

September 27th, 2012 · Posted by · 4 Comments · America, Arizona, News, NRA, Politics

NRA Executive Vice-President, Wayne LaPierre, was at Scottsdale Gun Club today to announce NRA’s endorsement of Congressman Jeff Flake for U.S. Senate.  Representative Flake is running for retiring Arizona Senator Jon Kyl’s seat.

NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre annoucing NRA endorsement of Jeff Flake for Senate

NRA’s endorsement is vital in a pro-gun state like Arizona.

Jeff Flake’s Democrat opponent, Richard Carmona, was personally recruited by President Obama to run for Jon Kyl’s senate seat.  Carmona supports gun control and does not view the Second Amendment as an individual right, in spite of two Supreme Court rulings to the contrary, and his own defensive gun use:

We want to make sure that anybody who owns a weapon legally has the appropriate training, education, and that we can be assured that society is safe with a person who owns a weapon.  We do the same thing for automobiles or any other technology, if you will, that the average citizen gets to use.  We ensure that they can use it safely, because we have to look at the greater good of society. – Richard Carmona to Democracy Now, Jan 11, 2011

Would Richard Carmona’s “greater good of society” approach lead to encroachments on rights?  Absolutely!

An aristocratic, megalomaniac mindset convinces the holder that he is the final arbiter of determining whether an “average citizen” gets to exercise a fundamental right.  Mr. Carmona doesn’t seem to understand the fundamental basis of  our nation – a government of the people, by the people, for the people.  We do not select politicians to run our lives for us or determine if we are worthy enough to protect ourselves from criminals.  What’s next for Carmona?  Internet access permits?  Privacy licenses?  Birth control permits?  Big Gulp possession licenses?

Rep. Jeff Flake, NRA Endorsement press conference at Scottsdale Gun Club

Representative Flake has an excellent record on gun control issues, along with his adoption of the Republican Liberty Caucus position statement in 2000.   The endorsement of Jeff Flake by NRA should go a long way towards reassuring Arizona voters that they can trust Flake to oppose infringements on our Second Amendment rights.  Vote for freedom, not “free” handouts.

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