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Signs of Border Trouble in Arizona

June 12th, 2010 · Posted by · 5 Comments · America, News

It may sound like hyperbole when people talk about the Southwestern United States getting overrun by a border invasion, but what else can you call it when the US Government surrenders public lands to armed foreign nationals?

BLM Warning Sign South of Phoenix

BLM Warning Sign South of Phoenix

Arizona shouldn’t need signs like this. No place in the US should.

You can check the Bureau of Land Management reports to see the damage done to our public lands. The reports document the trash pick up efforts to clean up after the smugglers and illegal aliens; over 234 tons of trash removed in 2009 alone. You’ll notice that we pay for security to accompany the people picking up trash in the desert too.

South of Phoenix, Arizona Game and Fish has Coues Deer hunting permits going unclaimed, as hunters avoid areas with dangerous smuggling routes. The Desert Rat outdoor blog has documented some of the environmental damage. The Desert Invasion site has photos documenting smuggling routes and layup areas from the border to Northwest of the Phoenix metro area (Lake Pleasant).

The National Park Service has even closed the Western portion of Organ Pipe National Monument out of concerns for visitor safety. This area has been closed for years. If you’re planning a visit to Organ Pipe National Monument, stop at Kris Eggle Visitor Center first.

Illegal Activity Warning Sign at Coronado National Memorial

Illegal Activity Warning Sign at Coronado National Memorial NPS Photo by Mark Wozniak

Coronado National Memorial, Southeast of Tucson has the same problems with smugglers too.

The Federal Government has shrugged off the problems for years, comfortably ensconced in Washington D.C. Now Arizona is trying to solve these problems through enactment of SB 1070, but more needs to be done. Regardless of your feelings about the illegal immigration, we can all agree that allowing criminals to take over public lands, kidnap innocents, and shoot people is unacceptable. It’s time to let our elected officials know that they can’t surrender any more of our country. They can work on revising the immigration system later. Right now, they must secure the border.

UPDATE posted June 13th, 2010 – CaptDreadlocke commented at Exurban League about the border danger signs and linked to his photo of a warning sign 70 miles North of the border with Mexico.

Additional information about the Federal Government Illegal Activity Warning signs.

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